About Pilates Nirvana

Educate Your Mind. Enlighten Your Body.

Pilates Nirvana hosts small mind-body workshops for fun, like-minded people who thirst for knowledge (and some of us for wine!). Some of our workshops are Pilates specific and will provide PMA Continuing Ed Credits, and others are suitable for instructors and students of any movement form

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What makes us unique?

We’re smaller

OsteoPilates Workshop with Karena Thek Lineback

  • Smaller workshop size means a more intimate learning experience. Most of our workshops are no more than 20 people.
  • Only one workshop a day means the information has a better chance to soak in.
  • We’re able to go more in-depth when appropriate. Our workshop with Karena Thek Lineback on Pilates for spinal pathologies was 11 hours over 2 days.